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Greetings! Need help khổng lồ convert an Excel worksheet into a Microsoft Word document? Although you cannot vì chưng this directly from the two named programs themselves, you can combine two popular converters on our site to vị so, for free.


Essentially, we are taking your Excel file, turn it into a PDF, & then to a Word processing document.

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Any Excel file type, including XLS and XLSX files, are accepted. The đầu ra file will be in DOCX format.

By using the best software libraries in the industry, our software will retain all text formatting, tables, and figures, down to the last decimal points. As you convert Microsoft Office and PDF files, when given a chance—do ‘embed’ the fonts of your text. This way, all original fonts will be kept even when we do not have access to the more obscure fonts on our servers, as we convert your documents.

Are the Converters Free?


Of course! We have 25 million online users every month, utilizing our online platform to lớn convert their PDFs, Excel, and Doc files lớn one another. Other than that, when documents are in PDF format, we also help users split, merge, edit, & compress files.

If you’re not in a hurry, feel free to check out our homepage for the full các mục of tools. As you convert your Excel to Word doc, notice that several features are always present on the result page. We call this ‘connected workflows,’ enabling you lớn enhance your document further before you download the final file.

Can You Convert My Excel khổng lồ Word Offline?



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You can carry out the very same conversion offline with our Desktop app. Unlike the online version, most processing will be done locally, which is especially handy when dealing with large datasets & spreadsheets. Whilst our servers use SSL encryption và handle documents in the safest environment, using the offline version omits all security-related worries, as we vì chưng not upload files when you convert from PDF to lớn Word.

For the first half (Excel lớn PDF), we do convert your tệp tin online. Khổng lồ make it entirely offline, you can first save the Excel as a PDF from Microsoft Excel itself before turning the data to a Word doc. It’s a bit more manual work, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Lớn sum it up:

Click ‘Office khổng lồ PDF’ and convert the Excel khổng lồ PDF.

Then, click ‘PDF lớn Office’ và drag the converted tệp tin in the app.

Choose ‘Word’ as the output & convert your Excel to lớn Word.

While the desktop tiện ích does require a Pro subscription, we offer every user who requires offline processing a two-week không lấy phí trial for you to demo our sản phẩm out, in its full capacity. If you prefer lớn convert Excel khổng lồ Word online, this is not the case, and no account is needed. Enjoy!