How to fix gta vice city and make it playable

The new update GTA Vice City 2 hack adds the entire map of Vice City from the original game with enhanced visuals.

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It’s been a while that we hear it on rumors that Rockstar might release a remaster of Gr& Theft Auto Vice City before launching the next mainline entry of the franchise.

While Rockstar’s next project is anyone’s guess, a group of modders has recreated GTA Vice City inside the RAGE Engine, which upgrades the game’s visuals to lớn a seventh-gene title.

GTA Vice City 2 Mod

As the developer team reveals, they have been working on this remaster thủ thuật of GTA Vice City for many years, & soon enough the full version will be available for every one.

The hack is based on GTA IV‘s Rage Engine, & that’s why the visuals và some assets will remind you of Liberty City. However, the team has recreated Vice City và all its characters from the ground up.

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Previously, a thử nghiệm of the hack was available, featuring a few districts of Vice City và a few missions. Recently, the developer has shared a new update for the kiểm tra that adds the entire map of Vice City to lớn the game, along with five sầu new missions from the original game.

Where khổng lồ Download the Mod

You can download the thủ thuật from this links. In order lớn play it, you can play it through GTA IV, but the full installation guide has been included inside the gian lận files.

You’d better download the gian lận as soon as you can since Take-Two Interactive is quite aggressive against remake and remaster mods for the Grand Theft Auto lớn series.

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Prior khổng lồ this, the publisher has taken down a number of Vice City mods. It wouldn’t be surprising if they shut down the GTA Vice City 2 mod as well in the near future.

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