Google"s two-factor authentication (2FA) is a great way lớn add an additional layer of security to your account. Using a Google 2FA app lớn generate your Two-Factor login codes is more secure than text messages. The primary reason being, it"s more difficult to gain physical access to your phone và generate a code without you knowing about it.

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To enable Google 2FA:

1. Download và install the Google Authenticator tiện ích for your Android or iOS device.

2. Login lớn your trương mục.

3. Click your name in the header.

4. Cliông chồng Security from the dropdown menu.


5. Cliông chồng on the Enable Google Authenticator button.


6. Enter the verification code you received by SMS lớn your phone number. Cliông chồng Verify.

7. Check the I have sầu downloaded and installed the app. checkbox & press the Next button.


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Confirm the action by entering the verification code received via SMS to your phone.

9. A QR code và authentication key will be shown lớn you. Go lớn your Google Authenticator phầm mềm on your phone, press the “+” button and scan the QR code or manually enter the authentication key.

10. Check the I have sầu scanned the QR code. checkbox & press the Next button.

11. Save sầu the authentication key - we suggest that you write it on a piece of paper và keep it in a safe place (e.g a fireproof cabinet or a safety deposit box at your bank).

12. Cheông xã the I have saved the authentication key. checkbox and press the Next button.

13. Enter your Authentication key, login password và a 6-digit 2FA code which is generated in the Google Authenticator phầm mềm on your phone.

14. Press the Enable button.

Done! :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Team members will never, ever call you và will never ask you to lớn install any applications on your device. The only exception here is that we recommkết thúc you khổng lồ install the Google Authenticator ứng dụng on your Mobile device in order to enable Google 2FA.


Do you still have sầu any questions? Use the tư vấn chat to lớn tương tác our tư vấn team or send us an tin nhắn