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Windows XP was released lớn the public on October 25, 2001, the first two versions released by the company were Home & Professional. The Home version was targeted to home PC users, while the Professional version was designed for business & professionals. Prior to Windows 7 market dominance, Windows XP. was the most widely used desktop operating system in the world for many years.

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Professional version of the operating system have sầu more features such as backup program, encrypted tệp tin systems (EFS) feature, remote control, offline files, IIS, etc. While these features are not available in the Home version.

General information for all XP.. editions

Windows XP. has a lot of updates in the user interface (compared to Windows ME & 2000), making it easier to lớn use and navigate through files và programs. The appearance of windows shell elements such as desktops, taskbar, start thực đơn, get a better design with transparent icons & shadow drops. The Start menu gets two columns, và now it is completely customizable by the user. Windows Explorer also gets new features and changes, like task pane (useful file actions shown in the left hvà sidebar), file thumbnails, sorting, grouping etc.

Windows XPhường includes performance improvements such as fast boot / logon / logoff, fast application launch, CPU simultaneous multithreading, new NTFS version NTFS v3.1 and so on.

Microsoft"s developed multimedia applications have sầu been updated & added more lớn the operating system, such as a new version ofWindows Media Player, Windows Photo lớn Viewer, and Movie Maker.

Three service packs have been issued for Windows XP.., the first Service Paông chồng 1 (SP1) was released in 2002, Service Paông xã 2 (SP2) was released on 2004, & Service Pachồng 3 (SP3) was released on 2008.

Specification (trang chủ / Professional)

Available in100+ languages
CPU Platform(s)IA-32


System requirements

Minimum for home page /professional:

Pentium 233 MHz processor or faster.64MB of RAM.1.5GB of disk space.

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Installation instructions for PC / VMware / VirtualBox

Starting installer in PC (via USB)

Follow the steps given below:

Download the Windows XPhường. ISO image tệp tin from the download section.Install a USB bootable creation software (such as Rufus) on your Windows computer.Plug in a USB flash drive (at least 4-8 GB of space) with your computer.xuất hiện the USB bootable creation software, và select the ISO image tệp tin of Windows XPhường, & start the process.As soon as done, plug the bootable USB inlớn a system where you want to install Windows XP..Restart the computer.Press the boot device menu key & select USB khổng lồ boot first.Select USB device and start the Windows XP installer.

Starting installer in VMware

Download the Windows XP ISO image tệp tin from the download section.Launch the VMware Player, and start creating a new virtual machine.Select the ISO image file of Windows XP.., and use the mặc định settings for the virtual machine.Start the virtual machine & go lớn the Windows XPhường installer.

Starting installer in VirtualBox

Download the Windows XPhường. ISO image file from the download section.Launch the Virtualbox application on your computer, & start creating a new virtual machine.Select Windows XPhường (32-bit) and use defualternative text settings for the virtual machine.Start VM và when it asks to lớn select the Host Drive sầu, then select the downloaded Windows XP ISO file in step 1.

Last step

As soon as you go to the Windows XPhường. thiết lập screen, follow the steps given below:

Press Enter, & accept the licensing agreement with the F8 key.Press Enter on the Unpartitioned Space & format the partition using the NTFS file system.Wait while Windows XP thiết lập is in progress.The system will restart between the installer, vì not press any key at that time.After the restart, follow the on-screen instructions and provide the necessary information.As soon as you go to the Windows XP. desktop screen, remove sầu the bootable USB from the system, or remove the Windows XP.. ISO from the virtual machine.

The hàng hóa key is not included in the download tệp tin, please search the web, lots of miễn phí.

Download help: In the download menu, "Pro" stands for Professional, "SP" stands for service paông chồng, "VL" stands forVolume License.