Soompi on twitter: "“dad, where are you going” yoon hoo is

Past MBC’Dad! Kyên Min-guk (16), Yoon Hu (14), Song Ji-ah (13), & Lee Tak-soo (17) Junsu (13) brothers who appeared in’Where Are You Going?’ are becoming a hot topic every day.

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Kyên ổn Seong-ju, Kim Min-guk’s rich man, Song Jong-guk, Song Ji-ah’s father, Yoon Min-soo, Yun-hu’s rich man, Lee Jong-hyuk’s two sons, Lee Tak-soo and Lee Jun-soo, broadcasted from 2013 lớn 2014. Where are you going?’ The innocent appearance of the children và the stories of the trips with their fathers were loved.

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Six years after the over of the show,’Dad! The children’s storm growth, which appeared in’Where are you?’, was released through social network service (SNS) & attracted attention.

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Song Ji-ah’s mother, Park Yeon-soo, posted a đoạn Clip on her Instagram on the 6th with a post titled “Song Ji-ah, filming, the happiest time.” In the video clip, Song Ji-ah is posing in a blachồng dress decorated with colorful beads. Born in 2007 và turned 14 in our age, Song Ji-ah showed off her youthful appearance & grew in a storm, showing off her model-lượt thích force và focusing her attention.

Singer Yoon Min-soo’s son Yun-hu was also told about the current situation. On the 7th, Yoon Min-soo posted a picture of his son Yoon-hoo on his Instagram on the 7th with a post saying, “I’m curious about this news, so let’s upload it.” Born in 2006 and turned 15 by our age this year, Yun-hoo in the phokhổng lồ says’Dad! ‘Where are you going?’ The cheeks disappear, & it draws the eye with a brightly large figure.

Broadcaster Kyên Seong-joo’s son, Kyên ổn Min-guk, was born in 2004 and is 17 years old this year. Currently, Klặng Min-guk is actively communicating with her Instagram. In particular, they are attracting attention with their appearance that closely resembles his father, Kyên ổn Seong-ju, and the appearance of a storm growth.

Lee Jong-hyuk’s son, Lee Tak-soo, và Lee Jun-soo brothers are also becoming a hot topic. On the 7th, Taksoo Lee posted a pholớn of a meal with his father, Jonghyuk Lee and his younger brother, Junsu Lee, along with the article’Birthday Party’ on his Instagram story.

Taksoo Lee, born in 2003, turned 18 in our age this year, và Junsu Lee was born in 2007 và is 14 in our age. In the pholớn, Taksoo Lee is showing off his warm appearance in the form of growing up. His younger brother Junsu Lee also showed a stormy growth unlượt thích at the time of the broadcast.

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